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Hair & Makeup  Artistry         

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Makeup and Skin Care Tips

* If makeup  isn't your fortay...ask for a makeup lesson. Its based on what skills you need to transform blah into beautiful!!

*Natural beauty and glowing skin begins with #flawless skin care regime. Try Skin Script! Call me to schedule a skin analysis. 

*Getting Married? Schedule your hair and makeup team ASAP. Even if you don't wear makeup regularly. This is your time to shine.

* When applying foundation (with a brush I hope!)  make sure you get all the creases around eyes and mouth.

* Save the foundation that is too dark or light for contouring.

* Try a bold new lip color like red, blue or purple and a trendy flat polish to match

* Don't forget lashes! Strip, individuals, clusters, lash extentions

    Hair Tips

*If you live in a dry climate or your hair feels brittle, use a deep conditioner once a week. Keeping it nourished will make your tresses HAPPY!

* Your hair is naturally composed of Keratin and Biotin. Try an additional  vitamin supplement. It may give your hair a  growth boost. Great advice for those of you going natural.

*When wearing extendtions or braids don't forget your hair needs TLC also. Olive Oil is a great natural moisturizer.

*Stay current with new coloring techniques. The latest trend is the sun kissed look. Say goodbye to harsh streaks of color.  Hello #Babylights!

* With Summer in full swing... its time to control the frizz with a Brazillan Blow out

Being beautiful is a hard job... but somebody has to do it.